Monday, March 23, 2009

Cool Stools

This past weekend, Ikea had some specials. Here was one of the ads:

My reaction was a little somethin' like this:


So I checked. And I was right. They are not listed online.

Currently we have two counter height barstools from Pier 1. They are slim profile with metal legs and a woven seat. The problem is this: our counter/bar is not very deep. So in order to sit comfortably with your knees under the counter and not jammed up into the paneling, you must scoot your hiney back and then lean forward. That last part sounds like a rap song :) But maybe our patooties are too big because we feel like our derriere is falling off the chair.

That is the prob bob. And it doesn't help that one of the stools has a bent leg. I thought about posting a weight limit sign on the stool but then that would be tacky...I'll just let the fatty take a tumble :)

One day maybe my rear end will only be four inches deep...I could be dreaming though. I think I was born with a bigger bootie than that....and I ain't talking about baby shoes :) These babies are gonna make it into the yard sale pile....maybe someone will buy them that can a child or a dwarf or anyone on Dancing with the Stars.

It didn't take long for my boyfriend and I to head down to our lovely Atlanta branch of Ikea to check out the fabu barstools. Obviously they were sold out of the antique stained version at the too-good-to-be-true price of $20. Buuuuuutttt we did see something that caught our eye.

They carried this stool in WHITE!!! Sure, they weren't the best price in the world...$60 a piece. I have listed all the reasons I love them:
  • They require no work (apart from assembly).
  • They break up all that woody-woodwork in the kitchen.
  • The backs are low enough to not block the open feel of the kitchen/den.
  • The seats are large enough for an adult-sized bootwha.
  • They resemble a much pricier Pottery Barn version

So there you have it - yet another reason to visit Ikea asap...or any store for that matter....because just like a dog's stomach, you never know what's inside!


newlyb said...

Wow! Great choice! It's totally worth $60 each when they make such a stunning difference.

Anonymous said...

I love them. Love how the white brightens the room up and breaks up all the wood. Gorgeous!

Emily said...

I'm not even going to justify your IKEA gloating with a comment. Oh, wait...

Crap. They look fabulous.

Candice said...

That looks so good the white really pops and breaks up the wood. I love them and Ikea.

Jen M said...

Totally love them. The chair version is what we are planning on eventually getting for around our dining room table.

Freckles Chick said...

LOL @ Em. Katie, you Ikea Gloater!

I'm coming over to plant my derriere on one of your fabulous new stools. Heck, I'm going to lay down across all of 'em; I love them that much.

Sherry said...

Love me those stools, girl. Can't wait to park it on one of 'em soon! You know I'm a sucker for all things white- and the x-back detail is the icing on the stool cake. Fabulous as usual!


*claire* said...

oh my gosh! i was totallllly planning to go get two of those for our kitchen table (the cheapo ones, i must say - but they were mostly for backup in case we ever have more than 4 eating at our table)... but then we were lazy on saturday and thus did not go... :(

but i'm happy you did! the white looks great, and really the price is good considering they are already white for you! it definitely is an improvement from the old stools!

hopeful #1 said...

Wow, those look great! I love them so much better than your other stools! I also love me some Ikea! What a great hubby for going down to get them! Love him.

Kim said...

Beautiful. I love them.

They totally look like the PB version. Score!

Arlynn said...

I went to that very same Ikea, for that very same reason, Friday evening around 6pm & they were sold out!

I was SO mad, I felt like I had totally been had & really wanted the wood-toned stools...

We just left after that, since we had to get on the road for a 2 hour trip. But I was totally bummed & felt like they just advertised that price to get people in the store.

I am, however, happy it worked out for you & your sweet bar : - )

Anonymous said...

I am very much impressed by your blog, you can find more Counter Stools that suites your budget.

Julienne said...

They look so great! Glad you were able to get white ones that you didn't have to worry about painting! Word of advice though? My brother has the same ones and they've lasted well for the last 4 years but are starting to show some wear and tear. Wood glue on the joints will be your best friend - makes a huge difference!

Katie said...

Arlynn - dude, what a bummer! 2 hour drive for nothing is worse than, well, definitely worse than a 1 hour drive. When I spoke to the IKEA sales guy, he said that they sold 4.5 years worth of stock in 6 hours! That is alot of stool! (sorry - the potty humor strikes again!)

Julienne - thanks for the tip! Now how to convince my boyfriend to disassemble to add woodglue...hmmm.

XO - Katie

Kathy said...

Late to this post, but just noticing it. My husband and i DID make it to the sale and DID pick up the 4 new counter height stools for our new vacation home. I think he beat up 2 men racing to them as the store opened. We love them, and i think they look fabulous in white as well as our antique stained. Enjoy!

Katie said...

Hi Kathy - you lucky dog! I am so jealous right now...and I love the fact that you guys left Ikea with not only the barstools but a rockin story about beating up 2 guys...they were just retail casualties, right?

Better them getting bruised than your wallet! Great buy!

XO - Katie