Monday, March 9, 2009

Pretty Paper

Dudes & Dudettes, you peeps are the bomb-diggity. Seriously. If you dig a saliva dripping cheek, I would be wet-smooching each and every one of you in thanks for your spirit-lifting encouragement. Your sweetness oozed all over Bower Power.

Currently, I am in Steeler Nation - yup, Pittsburgh - here to celebrate grandma's homecoming. And having a grand time reminiscing about her fabulousness. And I wanted to share a bit of her glamour goodness with all of you in the area of home decor - specifically wallpaper. She had her halls covered with ornate paper with flocked details. It felt like crushed velvet. And it begged children to touch it more than the youngest member of the Jackson Five. My grubby little hands could never resist.

This post is inspired by grandma - who is probably teaching Jesus how to bust a move as we speak.

First - get some wallpaper inspiration here:

Sure, wallpaper has a worse reputation than the IRS when it comes to sticking it to ya but these days the work will be well worth it. The new styles and lovely patterns can turn so-so into la-la! Take for instance this Ballard Designs room with the contrasting black and white. It grounds the room for a classic and bold feel and makes the white shower curtain really pop. And the country patterned Southern Living laundry room could bring that sweet farm air into the most lofty New York apartment.

I love how the stripes in this indulgent children's room make the ceiling seem five miles high and takes the attention away from the whimsical pattern on the walls. The paper is barely noticable due to the monochromatic color scheme! And just throw me in with grandma because the textural West Elm room is stopping my heart. Just beautiful.

Second - check out some of the wallpapers that are just like grandma's new home...get it?...heavenly, duh...

Modern Grasscloth
Faux Trees

Ballard Designs Trellis
Topkapi in Powder Blue

Neutral Stripe
Colorful Floral Pattern

And C - get hands on with this interactive wallpaper tool over at Home Depot. It is addictive - not as much as grandma's nut roll - but I would definitely say it comes in at a close second. Plus it doesn't entail a twenty pound weight gain and setting up camp on a certain flushable fixture.

And Number Five, for a ultra useful wallpaper calculator - check it out here.

So what's it gonna be folks? Willing to take the plunge and do an accent wall in paper? How bout some fancy new shelf liners or papering the back of a cabinet or built-ins? Or do you have the guts to go all the way with an entire papered room? Be bold my friends. Not all paper has a cutesy flowered border or makes you gag like the thought of reused catheters.


Freckles Chick said...

I 100% agree--wallpaper has come a loooong way! I'm itching to line a closet wall w/ some or frame a few pieces for some interesting art.

I'm sure the folks "up there" are having a blast w/ their newfound sweet lady =)

Arlynn said...

OOohhhh... I love your wallpaper selections & how sweet of you to do such a cute post in tribute to such a special person!

My fav is Ballard's Trellis design, yum!

The Fabulous Side of Me said...

Shot, if I were not so lazy, I would try wallpapering, but I will not lie . . . I. AM. LAZY. Sad.

Glad to hear you are doing ok!

Marge said...

Oh I am so happy that you are able to celebrate the life of your grandmother. I love the way you shared her love of wallpaper-- what a great detail of her life!

Kim said...

I love that your grandma is busting a move. Crack me up.

I'm not a wallpaper fan. I find paint easier and more satisfying. However, I'm considering putting wallpaper in the back of our china hutch. Gettin' a little crazy.

My thoughts are coming you and your family's way. =)

T i f f a n y said...

I love that Ballard Design wallpaper! My grandma had some pretty groovy wallpaper in her kitchen once upon a time. Even though it was hideous, remembering it always makes me smile :)

Katie at makingthishome said...

What a great write up. I've never liked my experiences with putting up or taking down wallpaper. You had me laughing and actually thinking what the heck. I could try again.

Arlynn said...

Although I am a new reader, I think your blog & so Unique & Chic, I gave it an award:

Hope this brightens your day, thank you for brightening mine : )



Mrs. 5C said...

haha! You are fabulous! I'm so glad you're feeling better! You've been in my thoughts today.

I think, after dealing with painted over, slapped on, stayed on for 50 years, wallpaper I will never join the wallpaper converts, but I appreciate looking at OTHER people's pretty wall coverings! :)