Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Pier Pressure

Did you see this post? When I saw that Bryn scored such an amazing deal at Pier 1 Imports, I had to shout it from the mountain top...err...small molehill called Bower Power. But I wanted to take it one step further. I spied some other ooh-la-la's on the Pier 1 website and knew I had to share. So let's grab some bon-bons and take a plunge in the pool of fabulousness that is Pier 1.

This is the side table that Bryn scored for the low, low, ridiculously low price of forty bones. That's right. $40. Believe your eyes. If Tom can ruin a lifetime of Top Gun coolness and a public relations dream with a bit of Oprah couch-jumping, this price is possible too. And just like Tom's first love, the golden coloring and the uber-skinny legs will allow this beauty to 'cruise' to classic stardom. go. buy. now.

Speaking of classic beauty, I am loving this swing arm lamp that is on sale for $50. Sure fifty buckaroos is not the best recession price I ever heard...BUT this sucker is adjustable...just like the interest rates on all those foreclosed houses. And that means that whoever is in control is definitely a happier camper...or reader.

I have me one of these lovely diffusers - got it for christmas! And I love it. Not only does the scent last long, but the diffuser looks more sculptural than the ever popular reed version. It's like modern met floral and had a baby diffuser. Goo goo gah gah. Buy some for a baby shower game prize or stock your gift closet with a few for a cheap gift welcomed house-warming present.
Where in the world is Carmen Sofa-licious? Well, Pier 1 of course. And for only $700 you can own this name brand, full sized sofa that could be the crowning glory of a very transitional room (dude, it goes with everything.) Best part - the nailhead details - who apparently have wooed blogebrities (blog celebrities in Bower Power lingo - yes, I make up words) into submission.
When life gives you lemonade mix, you don't count your eggs before they hatch. When you get a gift horse's mouth, don't put it before the cart. When judging a book, the grass is greener on the other side of the cover. Go ahead - make up your own saying. Just makes sure it means you should buy this cutesy bag of drinkability.
Exotic, unique, makes a statement...no we aren't talking about celebrity baby names - we are talking about the Pier 1 Asian Rattan Side Chair. You may be thinking that this doesn't go with your decor...well, change your decor cause it should. Don't they say that you should put one random item of interest in each room....hello!? random item of interest knocking!

What says glamour like a chandelier? Nothing. Nuff said.

So there you have it. A couple of decor items that will have a rootin tootin good time in your house. you should seriously buy them. everybody is doin it. everybody who is cool that is. ok - enough pier pressure :)

p.s. tomorrow I have a very IMPORTANT post that I will need EACH and EVERY single one of you to read. Your input is a life or death matter...and no, we are not voting to keep my boyfriend alive, it was only a twisted ankle :)


brynalexandra said...

Your posts seriously crack me up - I wish I could be as witty as you! I didn't actually snatch it up, but I did go check it out at Pier 1 this week and yes, it's really that price and really that cute! The coffee table is even prettier in an oval shape.

The Rauths said...

how are you? sending you hugs.

i saw that table about a month ago in pier one. here's my beef. the THREE in my local pier one were very unsteady. it's cute but i'd always worry it would topple over if someone knocked into it or something. maybe it was just the three at my store (i made the pull them from the back!). i do want to see if anyone gets the table...i wanted it to paint red or white. i'm back on the hunt.

Katie said...

oooh - thanks Mrs. Rauth for the info...I only want old people and my sugar-free jello to be described as wobbly...not side tables. Must be due to those skinny legs - another reason I am thankful for my chunky knees :)

And Bryn - I should have known that you didn't buy it - otherwise I am sure we would have seen the photos of the beauty in your home!

BTW folks - Bryn is having a flea market find give-a-way (and you know it's awesome because she shops with Eddie Ross!!)

XO - Katie

Bayjb said...

I love this stuff. I love the couch and diffuser, very creative. I need to spend more time in Pier1

Kim said...

I am in love with that lamp.

Quick - where can I put it?

Mrs. 5C said...

I DO need to change my decor to go with that chair! ;)

Lisa said...

I just bought those adjustable lamps....couldn't pass them up. They look rockin on my bedside tables!!

Katie said...

YAY for Lisa! The shades are really the cutest thing ever...love them!!!

XO - Katie