Monday, April 27, 2009

15 Under 50

No, this isn't some post about the 15 hottest celebutards under the hill. This one is for my Atlanta peeps (but don't worry, if you are from somewhere else, this can be a good reference tool for you too!). Yes, my fine friends, here is my new latest Bower Powerful tool to help out you penny pinchers. It's called 15 under 50.

All you gotta do is click on the 15 under 50 button on the sidebar and it will take you to a Photobucket slideshow that contains this weeks top 15 Craigslist finds under 50 dollars. I plan on updating that weekly (but just like Britney's virginity promise, you can't hold me to it).

So let's just say you see something utterly fantastic - (or at least has fantastic potential) like this:

or these:

well, then pause the slideshow. Then run your mouse over the photo of the lovely desired item and above the said photo will appear the "GET LINKS" link. Click it and it will take you to the craiglist you can actually buy it!

And for those of you that live outside of the great Peach state...too bad soo sad. SIKE! This is a great reference tool for you too! See something you like, then go scour your own local craigslist. Not only does it give you a price point but it gives you negotiating power with the seller.

Plus, I make notes on each photo - ways I would use it or things to redo or what style it would work with. So if you see something similar to that item lurking in your basement or stored in your attic, you immediately have some ideas on how to reuse, recycle, or repurpose! And isn't that the best way to be green?!?!

One stipulation...if you find something off of 15under50 and redo it, you must pinky promise me that you will send me befores & afters. Because you know there ain't nothing I love more than making over cheapo finds!


*claire* said...

great idea! i love that white bench with the baskets - too bad i have no where to put it!!

i will definitely be checking this out regularly!

LyndsAU said...

I live right outside of ATL and will be emailing about that white bench ASAP :) Thanks for doing this!! :)

Jennifer said...

any ATL good citizens with storage to spare want to snag that "wood bureau" and save it until I can come get it?!

no for real.