Friday, April 24, 2009

Renovation Nation: Kristina's Krib

When I saw Kristina's master bedroom renovation, my jaw dropped faster than Michael Phelps can light up swim. Here is her letter:

You are fantastic and I love reading your blog everyday. I wanted to pass along my before and after pics of our bedroom. Started off a lovely builder white, with mismatched everything. I'm sort of embarrassed to submit the before picture, but I think it's important to see the transformation. I was totally inspired by your bedroom and when I saw the floor to ceiling drapes, I knew I had to do it.

I did most of it on the cheap. Our bedroom furniture was bought for us from IKEA (MALM series in medium brown) I started to hate it, so I primed, painted and polyacrylic-ed it a Espresso color. All of the bedding was pieced together from different stores (I got everything on sale, even the sheets!) and the "cluster" (framed pieces) above the dresser was all hand made by me with the exception of the bird

piece. I bought the roller shades at Walmart for $3.45 and covered them in a off white fabric for a more finished look.

I truly appreciate you sharing your ideas. Keep up the good work! Kind Regards, Kristina

Here is the hot mess before:

And the uber-chic after:

Can you believe that she redid all that furniture?!? Uber-freakin-amazing. I am drooling over the green/eggplant color combo....seriously a ten. and those drapes give the room a miracle makeover. Before the room was a Susan Boyle picture. Now the room is a Susan Boyle cd. You know what I mean. For more info on how Kristina joined the renovation nation, check out her blog tour-de-room.

And if you wanna share your hot-mess-turned-supermodel room, email me the pics pronto! You know it puts the swag in my step, the nanners in my pudding, and the eww....that last one sounded gross.


Marge said...

Ummm that is absolutely ah-maz-ing! Love it. I can't believe she re-did all of that furniture but dang did it pay off!

Freckles Chick said...

Talk about magazine worthy. It looks like a spread from West Elm or something--fantastic job Kristina!

*claire* said...

she did a great job! very chic!

and btw - you can't say you only have a measly 10 followers now anymore, since readers are sending YOU before and afters to display! :)

Katie said...

Claire...don't you mean to say "and btw - you can't say I don't love you anymore, since this claire-bear reader is going to send you before and afters to display!"


That's what I thought you said :)

XO - Katie

Candice said...

Beautiful and so stylish, great job!

Sherry @ This Young House said...

Love it love it! She's one clever and crafty girl. Much like you Miss Bower.


Katie said...

Oh Sherry - you are too much! And I think that the credit should go to you...I am sure that she was more inspired by you than me (heaven knows why Kristina emailed me...she should let you feature this on your Reader Redo thing...then she would get more than 15 hits!)

BTW - you probably already know this but I totally copied your letter/before/after/comment format...please say we can still be BFF!!

XO - Katie

Sarah Arkanoff said...

She did an amazing job! I love seeing before and afters!


I want her art on the far left! LOVE it! Too bad she made it so I can't go buy it . . . ;)

Michael said...

Amazing it!

Kristina with a K said...

Thanks everyone for the kind comments!!! I love sharing a good redo with anyone I can!

And thanks Katie for the extra traffic!! ;)

Kristina with a K said...

Just really quick for Josh and Laura. I posted a tutorial on how to create that canvas painting on the left. Super easy.

Sorry Katie for highjacking the post! :) I just want to share that really quick like. Thanks again :)

Katie said...

Kristina - you are a dear for posting that tutorial! I love me some DIY art and I might have to tackle this project myself (with your post's help of course!) After all nothing is better than decorating your house while saving a really pretty penny!

XO - Katie

Anonymous said...

Just found your blog today! I got several good laughs. Just what I needed on a rainy Monday!!

LyndsAU said...

That is AWESOME!

Alicia said...

Oh! I love that frame & ledge wall. Super nice-great job!