Thursday, April 23, 2009

Dressing Room

Since you guys asked to see more photos of my dressing room, I thought I would oblige ya. It isn't you only get one. Feast your eyes on this:

This is for the single ladies. Married? Engaged? A nun? Divert your eyes immediately. Personally I prefer the Wolverine look. It's like the offspring of Gizmo the Gremlin and a lawn man. You see muscular arms, I see garden rakes for hands. And what girl doesn't like the thought of a leaf-free yard?!??

Anyhoo. Here you go. This is it so far. I have plans for the frames...don't think it's some new home decor trend. And I am loving the bunches of pillows (7 +2 bolsters!) on the just screams "get on me" & "I can comfort you" & "I'm soft and supportive"....basically it is the perfect man of a bed.

Speaking of furniture - see any piece of furniture that came from the office?!? Yeah...I totally celebrate Earth Day everyday by using what I got...reuse & recycle....same applies to my ever popular shimmy dance :)


Heidi said...

Your daybed looks like the perfect place to curl up with a cup of coffee and a good book. Okay, Wolverine can come too!

Marge said...

Gorgeous! I would LOVE to have that dressing room. Was getting the boyfriend to agree to pink walls an issue?

LyndsAU said...

hey girl. that looks great! i wanna know where you got that chandelier :) fabulous!

mrs.leah.maria said...

Oooh, I do love the scrunchiness of the comforter. It looks fabulous!

Katie said...

Thanks Ya'll - you are too sweet!

Marge - No. Actually we painted one bedroom baby blue (now the office) and one bedroom pale pink (my dressing room) for that Just-In-Case factor. We figure if we ever get aboard the baby train, the last thing we will want to do is repaint :)

Lynds - The chandelier is from West Elm. They don't have it available online anymore but I imagine you might be able to ebay one :)

XO - Katie

hopeful #1 said...

I love it and I'm uber jealous!

Jennifer said...

um, so cute! lucky you your husband will let you near pink paint!

Jen M said...

Love the look so far! How do you keep the daybed from being piled up with clothes?

Oh, and if you ever want free art, let me know and I'll send you whichever of my photography you fancy - just for you, because I love you.

T i f f a n y said...

I want a pretty little dressing room! Love the way the pink paint turned out - totally soft and neutral. Great job - as usual!

Amy said...

Love it!!! I'm still all over a daybed like that for our screened porch. Jealous because you have a dressing room, too!! Great job!

Freckles Chick said...

Wait a minute, if Wolverine was in your dressing room, then who the hell was that in MY bedroom last night?!

The capiz, the taupes, the whites, the pink....**heart pitter pattering**

Shannon said...

Just found your blog and I can't get enough. Can you tell me where the nightstand/white table with the drawers is from? It's great!

Katie said...

Actually Shannon - that little dresser was a gift from my mother-in-law. It was orinally a darker color with some pretty archaic knobs but with a couple coats of white paint and some new knobs, it fits the space just perfectly! You could probably find something very similar on craigslist or your local Goodwill.

Good Luck!

XO - Katie

Jinksy Girls said...

Love that shade of pink. And the Daybed is gorgeous. Do you mind sharing what color you used on the walls and where you found the daybed. I'd love to know! Thanks so much, Jolynn

Katie said...

Hi Jolynn - the daybed is from Ikea and is called Tromsnes. I bought mine from a guy off craigslist so I would definitely check there first. And the paint is from Lowes - it was 'oops paint' or paint that was messed up and returned to the store so I do not have the name. I did look on the top of the bucket and it has some numbers -

Lowe's Valspar SemiGloss
Tinted #1

I don't know if that will help - one of these days I will get a bunch of swatches and see if I can match one!

XO - Katie