Friday, May 8, 2009

Breaking News

Way back in October, the more-popular-than-a-bikini-carwash blog, This Young House, posted about our bedroom makeover. Basically that is where this beautiful story of friendship, OCB (obsessive compulsive blogging) and bromance began.

Fast forward seven months and one full email inbox later and you would have found me screaming as I ran down the stairs to greet my new IN-REAL-LIFE friends. Yes, it is true I do not live inside the computer. That's right, John & Sherry & Burger (their cheeky little chihuahua) Petersik were actually at my house. (oooh I just got chills again!)

Since their three-day visit to Redneckville, USA you can imagine that keeping their visit quiet has been KILLING us....which is why I was totally relieved that we were able to bust out this corset-of-a-secret and let the blogworld know that our crossover event is here! Yessireebob. It's like she is Paris and I am Nicole...except I am the tall one and she doesn't have a scandelous video on the internet (stop googling people!).

But boy, do I have juicy details :)

So stay tuned to ABP and TYH for the next couple of glorious days as we reveal a house crashers double feature, a superfun (and educational) video, and all the dirt on those youngsters (cause you know there ain't nothin on me...afterall I am the normal one! right?!? So what are you sayin? C'mon, everyone has pasted their heads on other people at one point or another!)



You guys (all four of you) are so great! (and cute together!) That is awesome that my two favorite bloggers got together. How come you all live in the south?!!!! There's no one up here in the great NW (Seattle) so I will never get to meet you!! ;=)

Jen M said...

How fun! Can't wait to see the video. Let me know when you're willing to do this trans-Atlantic and I'll prepare my guest room.

Joi said...

How fun. : )

Kim said...

I about died when I saw that on TYH. My favorite bloggers.. TOGETHER. I'm psyched!

Alison said...

I foudn you via TYH and I have to say I love you writting style. Humour + info = valuable time spent.

Look forward to reading your blog :)