Friday, July 18, 2008

Chocolate Chip Birthday Pie

I know I promised Mario Brothers cupcakes to my brother but remember, I can't cook.

And SURPRISE! I did get to see him for his birthday - only a couple days late - on Tuesday.

So, we trekked the five miles to Mom & Dad's for the birthday celebration. I was on devil egg duty (again) and also dessert duty. So I stole the idea & recipe from fellow blogger, Bakerella.

Many, many thanks to that cook cause it is now part of Jeremy's and Torrey's and Brad's top five treats.

Cole & Braden & Brad

The Chocolate Chip & Pecan cookie Pie

That's alot of candles Brad - Good thing you got big lungs!

We sent Brad home to Tara with the leftovers - hope it made it home! The pie was such a hit with Jeremy that I had to make it for my new brother Torrey. So here is a picture of pie #2.

Go home and make the pie - it is super easy and great with vanilla ice-cream :)

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