Thursday, August 21, 2008

Paint my barn red...and blue...and green...

Colors are tricky. Why sure, I could google "color combos" or "decor palettes" or even "what stinkin color should I paint my living room?" but is that really going to satisfy the likes of this internet surfing professional? No. That does not satiate this faux-decorator. (oh and I did google that last one - yea - lots of color-confusion out there!)

But there is one site we girls can always go to for the cure to our hue blues. Yes - let's say it :)

So what color is the barn o' pots sportin these days? I am so glad you asked.

Gray + wood tones

White + Chartreuse

Rusty Orange + Chocolate

Navy + Marigold

Stormy Blue + Harvest Yellow

Muted Green + Honey

Maybe you need some inspiration for your office or maybe you would love to change the walls in the bath - whatever your conundrum, check out the Benjamin Moore colors for 2008 and see how those designer whiz kids run with it. So go ahead - grab ahold of the PB trend and paint your red or green or blue!

Oh and if you decide to change your drab to fab - please share with me the pics - I love seeing results (especially ones I don't have to lift a finger for!)


KG said...

Love the last two pics. Clean and simple, yet still colorful.

Kim & Ryan said...

This is exactly how I picked all the wall colors for our house... looking through the Pottery Barn catalog, taking it to the store and saying, "Make me this!" I'm happy I'm not alone!

G+D said...

Mmmm...I'm loving me some rusty orange and chocolate. Beautiful!

Benjamin Moore lover said...

did you know you can see all the Pottery barn colors past and present on

Pottery barn Colors

Mom XXOO said...

Hello! I finally got to your blog but I am unable to get to the current ones now! This page only asks about going to previous ones - ARGHHH!! I wanted to enroll for the drawing for the picture book but alas I failed again! Oh, yeah - I like the silver, neutral combination at PB - tres' chic to me!! -Mom XXOO