Monday, September 15, 2008

Cable Guy

Jeremy and I have never had cable until this morning. The Comcast guy came this morning at 8 am. My boyfriend really wanted it for football season. I told him that as soon as the credit card debt was paid,then lets do it. Jer encouraged me that we would still talk.

I doubted that.

So tonight we are sitting here watching the Eagles play the Cowboys and flipping to HGTV on the breaks. This nice young couple is wanting a new condo. The conversation goes like this:

Nice Young Couple: "We would really like two bedrooms and stainless steel appliances. Oh and possibly in-house laundry."

Jeremy: "In-house laundry? That's cool"

Me: "I guess it's cool"

Jeremy: "Yea - that's where they have someone come to do their laundry, right?"

Me: "No baby. In-house laundry is having a laundry room with a washer and dryer."

Jeremy: "Oh."

Yea - I'm glad we got cable. It actually has already proved to bring us closer together :)


Bayjb said...

Okay this made me laugh out loud. That is hilarious. Oh boys.

Kim & Ryan said...

I just literally laughed out loud.... I DO want his version of in-house laundry.