Tuesday, September 16, 2008

You guys are so Bright!

I must say that the guessing game was a complete success. and WOW! You guys see right through me. I must have trouble being transparent about what I love :)

When I got home yesterday - this was waiting for me on the counter....

It was my package from West Elm that arrived carrying my lovely new light fixture.

And I love it!!! It was a little tedious taking all the individual baggies off each string of shells...

And in my stupidity I didn't order the conversion kit to make it a ceiling fixture. So I hope that when I get home, my boyfriend can change the plug-in to hardwired for affixing it to the ceiling in my dressing room?!??! please and I'm sorry.

So when I get time, I'll whip a moodboard together to explain how this is gonna work...but for now, let's all admire the picture of the fully assembled light fixture. AHHH!


G+D said...

HOLD THE PHONE!!! This chandelier can be plugged in OR ceiling mounted??? OMG, how did I not know this?? Great, now I think I *have* to buy one! I'm so glad you posted that, Katie!! A

And congrats on your gorgeous new present. It's beautiful!!

Emily said...

Ok, it wasn't hard to hardwire it at all. You just snip it at the length you want it, use wire connectors to connect it to the ceiling light wires, and buy a canopy at Lowes or Home Depot for about 3 bucks to cover the hole. We love ours!