Thursday, September 11, 2008

Jason Bourne meets a Hockey Mom

Matt Damon Vs. Sarah Palin

Normally I am a big fan of the movie star's opinion being broadcast to the world (clothes, shoes, hot spots) - but when it comes to politics - I think celebrities need to think (or hire a personal politicalist) before they speak. Case in point - this video via msn. Come on Matty do your research!

Now I am not making a political move here at all - in fact, I don't really want to announce to the world certain things - how much money I make, how often the hanky panky happens, how much my house costs and who gets my vote. But when someone gets in front of a video camera and says that it is like a "really bad Disney movie" that a woman who is a Governor of Alaska could possibly be President of the US one day, I gotta speak up. He said that he doesn't know alot about the gal - and Matty, all you gotta do is GOOGLE.

Oh and just for reference - here are a bunch of us regular people, "hockey moms" if you will, that were governors and turned out to be poll ranked by the Wall Street Journal in 2005 as the top 15 Presidents ever:
  • Ronald Reagan - Governor of California
  • Franklin D. Roosevelt - Governor of New York
  • Thomas Jefferson - Governor of Virginia
  • Theodore Roosevelt - Governor of New York
  • Woodrow Wilson - Governor of New Jersey
  • Grover Cleveland - Governor of New York
  • James K Polk - Governor of Tennessee
  • William McKinley - Governor of Ohio

So my Sexiest Man Alive - research doesn't hurt anyone. In fact it might just cement your personal presidential choice a little bit further. But here's a tip - just like you would hire a stylist - do a bit of serious study or hire a college kid to do it. Cause I can bet your bottom dollar that when it is time to stroll the red carpet that you don't make your clothing choices without knowing what's up - so the same applies in politics. And I bet that college kid needs the cash :)

Peace out.


Emily said...

Oh man, this is such a hot topic right now. My only real thing to dig on him for is "I don't know anything about her" - well, Mattyboy, before you give an interview on the subject then, perhaps you should learn a little bit about her. That being said, I don't really have an opinion yet on any of the candidates except that I'm so over all of them and I haven't even really started paying attention yet.

Katie said...

Just so ya'll know - the whole point of the post is to say that people need to do some research before talking smack about ANY candidate.

I think a lot of people are in that same boat as Emily - and I think that in general, it is wonderful that we can have a woman running as vice president and a black man running for president.

Either way - it is gonna be a monumental year!

XO - Katie

G+D said...

"Just so ya'll know - the whole point of the post is to say that people need to do some research before talking smack about ANY candidate."

Agreed! No matter how you vote (and everyone better vote, damn it!) you should be able to speak to your view points and know what the hell you're talking about.

Freckles Chick said...

I am so with you on this one. I bet Matt's publicist is putting in some serious OT right now trying to undo the damage.
I know who I'm voting for, but whomever is elected, I just hope that there is change for this country in 2009.