Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Pillow People

Remember Pillow People? They looked like a pillow with arms and legs. Weren't the 80's fun?!

When I was about 6 my older brother was a pillow person for Halloween - if only I could get my hands on that picture!!! I don't really remember what I was. Probably a clown. I think I was a clown for four different years.

We should have a tag thing-a-ma-gig to see everyone's different Halloween an online costume contest. That would be cool.

I think I got distracted with Halloween...back to my point.

Thank you so much for all the very VERY helpful suggestions for my dressing room moodboard. You guys really know your pillows! This room started off a little rocky, but I think with your eye for design, it can evolve into something beautiful. If only I can stick to the plan!!!
Now I need some more help - in the form of votes. I need YOU to put on your best pillow thinking hat and let me know which of the following combo tickles your toes, sparkles your eye, and puts the sweet in your tea.

Ok - my pillow people, before we begin, please note that the first fabric in each option is a very zoomed in version of the bolster covers, and the mattress cover. The second is the euro pillow covers that I have ready and waiting for the daybed.
On your marks, get set, GO!

Option 1 - Lovely handmade pillow from FeltedStyle- little modern, little whimsical, lotta alpaca.

Option 2 - Target decorative border pillow. More classic, but a simpler classic :) More appealing price tag as well.

Option 3 - Lattice decorative pillow from Target. More design interest, more light feeling (cause its white dominated) and it doesn't cost an arm and a leg.

Option 4 - Beaded Cushion from Targ-hey. Definitely pricey at $60 but could always go on sale. It is the most glamorous of the four options, and probably not the most comfy. It does add sparkle...and what girl doesn't like that?!?!


Emily said...

I'm partial to number 2, but number 3 would be my second choice.

Mrs.FiveCamels said...

option 2 all the way!!

G+D said...

I gotta vote for #4. So glam! And who needs comfort when you'll already have the comfy euro pillows on there? Comfort shmomfort. I think these toss pillow beauties can be all for looks and that's okay! In case you need a back up--#2 is my second fav. GL!