Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Most everyone knows that I am my mother's daughter. Not in the sense that she birthed me...well she did that too...but in the sense that this apple fell right next to the tree. In fact, we may be sharing the same root system.

So here are some things that my mother does:
  • she buys numerous sets of dishes.

  • she hoards stuff.

  • she throws a fabulous party.

  • she can make mass amounts of food out of nothing.

I do three outta four. I need a full pantry to cook. But the dishes thing is killing my hubbie. In the last year, I received the following dishes:

  • my mom's everyday wedding set (it is green glass - so chic)
  • my china wedding set
  • my everyday wedding set
  • my outdoor party set (it is plastic)
  • my boyfriends bachelor set (it was black)
  • my mom's floral china set (its flowery and pink - perfect for a tea)

Yard sale #1 time came around and I knew I had to ditch at least one set. Out went the bachelor dishes. I sold them to a very nice lady (named "mom") for the low price of $0. I told you, we have issues. I like to call it Obsessive Compulsive Dishes Disorder. My husband has fantasy football...I like tablesetting.

So no surprise when this past weekend I wanted the cutest polka dot plates and stars plates from Pottery Barn outlet - come on they were less than $2 a dish!!!

But notice...this is not a complete set. These are 4 salad plates in 2 different designs. If Valentines day or 4th of July come around - I am ready. And I feel that this is a compromise. I get some of my dishes - enough for a romantic couples dinner come V-day - and my husband doesn't have to buy another house for my dishes.

That's fair - right?

Which brings me to this point - there have gotta be some other OCD peeps out there with some lamp obsession or a weird affinity for dog art. Whatever your collection may be - DISH IT! It will comfort me - letting me know I am not a cracked plate.


KG said...

BAGS. Purses. Laptop bags. Gym bags. Luggage. If it carries things and looks cute, I want it. Our shoe closet is overflowing with my purses. And guess what... I get it from my mom! We are such bag ladies!

Emily said...

Um, love the plates. 4th of July is my favorite holiday - both the polkas and the stars will be fab next July.

My OCD is gym clothes - I have way too many, and I usually only wear my few comfy faves when I actually make it to the gym, but I just can't help but buy cute workout gear.

USANDCO said...

Too funny! My Mom is a dish junky TOO and it used to drive me nuts...."no Mom, you really don't need a set for that one special holiday". But now I find myself with dish envy whenever I'm out. Fortunately for us (and our cabinets) I'm just plain ol' CHEAP and don't buy. Oh, I'll put them in my cart and peruse around the store, owning them for a brief moment in time. But I always put them back.
Walk away Katie, just walk away.

Kim & Ryan said...

I am OCD about holiday decorations (any holiday or psuedo-holiday)... so, OCHDD... and I do have three sets of Christmas dishes. All were wedding gifts and I couldn't bear to take any of them back.... It's totally embarrassing and ridiculous. Why are dishes so much fun?

Although, I cannot say that I have near as many (or as fun) as you!

Anonymous said...

Hi, my name is Katie and I'm a china addict...



Katie said...

I see I am not alone in my dishes obsession - what a relief! Now I know who to go to for cute gym clothes and some funky fun holiday decor!

And if any one knows how to add to their ever growing dinnerware collection for cheap - please let me know. This girl loves her dishes!

XO, Katie

G+D said...

LOL Katie! The only thing I collect is handbags. (swoon!) Okay, and maybe shoes. ;)

Lindsay said...

I too LOVE plates...and all this table settings!

You call your hubby, your bf a lot!! :)

Freckles Chick said...

Dog sweaters. Just kidding, sistah.

Like Emily, I love buying cute workout clothes.....but never quite make it to the gym in them.

I hoard scarves! Pashminas, skinny ones, sparkly, monogrammed, if it's a scarf I'll own it. I'm a scarf whore.

20-Something Superhero said...

Uh well I collect everything. But I hear you on the dishes. I had 4 everyday sets, and two 2 holiday sets when I was single. Then last year, my dad bought us a nice set, and I got the "bachelor plates" when Cory moved in. Unfortunately, his were soo pricey he refuses to get rid of them. I think they're ugly so I am using them all the time, in hopes that maybe something bad ( a drop on the floor??) will happen to them lol.