Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Shower Invitations

When I asked for your votes on the baby shower invites for my good friend Brook - you came back with the following advice -

"Keep it simple, stupid" - paraphrased of course.
"Love green"
"Prefer #2" - maybe because it is like totally simple(?)

So I went back to the drafting board and came up with this very SIMPLE and a little more GREEN version of #2. I figure since it is pretty basic that I can be more creative with the shower itself...don't want people to think that the best thing about the shower was the invite, right?

Oh and you can't see it but the white paper is actually adorned with tiny pink polka dots. Maybe I'll even add another layer of vellum to add some whimsy :) And I love 3D invites - anything with bows, texture or puffy paint is right up my I thought the cute little bow was just enough to sweeten this invite deal.

So whatta ya thinka? Is this shower ready or stormy weather ahead? ok - that was just super cheesy - seriously though, do you like it? Or is it too simple?


Emily said...

You're a very clever girl! I like it - are you going to tie the bows on or are they printed to look 3D? If you tie them, I'd do them a litte bit longer with a thin grosgrain ribbon so that it takes center stage of the invite - you know how you put the two ends through two small punched holes (from the front to the back), then loop them around and push the ends back through the holes to make a flat bow? Does that make any sense? I'm writing a post right now with a pic, so hopefully it will make more sense in a few.

Katie said...

Hi Emily!

I would definitely use real ribbon! (versus printing a picture of ribbon on the invite)

And yes - I love the look of the flat ribbon bow but do you think that it would look as "baby cute" as the actual bow? Maybe I will do a test run...

And I can't wait for your post - I am eagerly awaiting it!

XO, Katie

Anonymous said...

I like it a lot. They look like my wedding invitations - the little bow, the overlay piece - we did all of that for the wedding and people just loved it. We had a photo of us printed on the back piece and then the words printed on the white, see-through piece overtop. Anyway... all that to say they look really nice!

Mrs. McB said...

At first, I thought it was too plain, but once you brought up the pink polka dots-I'm in love. How very cute!

Bayjb said...

I am really loving this design. Simple and clean and perfect. I would use real ribbon if you can. I think it'll add a nice touch.