Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Looking Ahead

It's gonna be one heck of a year folks! Well, it is for me anyway. How do I know? I already ordered some post-Christmas, early-birthday presents. Yeah, I robbed my boyfriend of the joy of showing me how much he loves me. Don't worry...he'll be ok. Wanna see what will be waiting for me on February 5th?

#1 set of 6 snowflake inspired placemats
#2 one two-foot tall birch tree
#3 set of 3 lacquered boxes in green
#4 two table runners in two-tone blue

P.S. Sorry baby - I couldn't wait! At these great prices, if I was slow to act, they would be gone!

P.P.S. I had everything shipped to you so that you can "present" them to me when the time is right... pun intended :)


Kim & Ryan said...

I'm not gonna lie, I thought that your bargains post was coming back and was so excited when the photos popped up.... (sigh).

Those are great gifts. Good job to your hubs! =)

SAB said...

I love the birch tree. I think I will pick one of those up for my mom. She love anything birch!!

Tammi said...

i can hear you singing my favorite song... "Happy birthday to me, Happy birthday to me.." haha!

Tamstyles said...

I love those boxes. I saw them in person and wanted them but my color was absent! DANGIT! Congrats on your picks though. I went to target and had a cart full of stuff and LEFT IT! i couldnt take it anymore.

Joi said...

Oooh. Love the green boxes! Great finds!

Anonymous said...

I wanted to order those placemats so badly! I love them! They'd even be great in the early spring too!