Wednesday, December 31, 2008

08 Relived

Sweet memories of 2008:

  • Hosting the Couples Halo Tournament


  • Turning 27!!!
  • Mountain biking



  • Helping with the Bluegrass Ho down & Bingo Night
  • Throwing Austin a bridal shower


  • Visiting New York
  • Exploring Boston









Sucky moments of 2008:
  • Visiting the fair
  • Hurting my knee
  • Killing a brave little squirrel
  • Falling off my bike and intersecting with the tree & rocks
  • My Mummum's knee replacement
  • Gaining 20 lbs
  • Getting 14 laser hair removal treatments (ouch!)
  • Losing my dear Aunt Kay
  • My mom's ACL surgery
  • My sister's mouth surgery
  • My seven visits to the dentist
  • Not getting to visit my grandmother
  • Discovering how much fat is in a Chickfila milkshake

Overall - it truly was a fantastic year. One for the record books. I even got to use my passport twice! There were low spots - like when I had one friend move far away...but high ones too, like getting closer (metaphorically speaking) to other friends - like you. You know who you little internet-never-met-in-flesh-and-blood-buddies. So before I start dreaming about what is to come in oh-nine, I wanna make sure you know that all of you dear lovely friends helped make my oh-eight one of the best years yet. And I hope that you have a fun (like a fat kid in a chocolate factory amount of fun) and safe New Year's Eve!

See ya in 2009! Peace out 08!


Emily said...

Love it - this list is so cute. And whatever, you did not gain 20 pounds.

Katie said...

Emily...I do not lie.

I may cheat.

I have been known to physically harm my friends & enemies alike.

I may even be ridiculously lazy.

But I do NOT lie.

I weighed 131 last December. I got on the scale this morning and it reads 151. That is twenty pounds of what I am guessing is peanut m&m's. It may be a tad of baklava or Italian creme cake. But mostly candy.

Hopefully next year my list will read - "I lost 20 lbs made of milk chocolate, dark chocolate, cream, butter, syrup, and granulated sugar" :)

XO - Katie

Michael said...

And hopefully there will be a Captain Obvious post about me dropping 30 next year.

Here's to out with the old (2008) and in with the new...hopefully 2009 will be a bit better all the way around.

P.S. Your word verification is "bless"...a sign perhaps?

Michael said...

Maybe not...the next word verification is "torch"...he he :)

Have a great new years!

mrs.leah.maria said...

I love how your blogging strengthened throughout the year! :)

G+D said...

Looks like there were more good times in 08 than bad times--what more can a girl ask for? Happy New Year sweetie!

Bayjb said...

Wow that sounds like a busy year. And a couples "halo" tournament? Oh my.