Saturday, January 3, 2009

Puppy Love

Husbands are like dogs. If you wanna train them to sit, you gotta have treats. Doggie wanna Beggin Strip?...then stay clear of sniffin my crotch. Rewards are crucial to good behavior. Same applies to wives and children. Just watch the Nanny - she'll confirm it :)

This Christmas my Jeremy really deserved a great reward for all his good behavior throughout the year. Santa was watching. Santa saw. Santa had the perfect treat. One that had my boyfriend drooling.

Here was the setup before.
See what the fat man brought my baby?
Yes, the silver beast that was our form of entertainment was replaced with a black beauty. Jeremy's tail was waggin with delight. And because we are both TV junkies, it had me salivating all over myself as well.

Check out the high-def photos:
Nice, right? And I couldn't even disagree with Saint Nick about the cost because of the great deal that we scored. These 52 inches of pleasure usually runs about $3200. But my hubbie did some research...and when I say some, I mean several hundred hours.
Here is the story. Jeremy learned that the Samsung 650 series was going to be on sale at our local Circuit City from my little bro. That was Wednesday & he was primed to go pick up the new boob tube any moment. But something in his heart told him to wait. I believe it was the Electronic Luxury Fairy (ELF). And boy am I glad that little ELF spoke when it did. Because Saturday morning came. And with it brought a huge discount...even bigger than before! It was now or never because Saturday was the last day that our CC was going to open their doors. sniff. sniff. So my boyfriend stood in line the Saturday before Christmas to pick up his high-tech device. We were able to get the 850 series (vs. 650 series) for only $1400. That is an awesome deal. Like learning-you-can-fly awesome!
And because this baby has got to last us for, oh, the next twenty years, I won't resent Chris Kringle for overspending everytime I watch Project Runway. Or Lost. Or The Office. Or HGTV. Or Greys. Or The Amazing Race. Or the Food Network. Or John & Kate plus 8. Or Gossip Girl (the shame!). Do I need to go on? Because I can...for about an hour. I told you we were TV junkies :)


Heidi said...

Hahah! Men are so funny when it comes to tvs. I can't share your amazing deal with my hubs, otherwise he might carry some type of resentment towards our new tv. Congratulations on scoring such a fantastic deal.

mrs.leah.maria said...

It looks fantastic!

Emily said...

Please don't be offended if I remove you from my blog roll until this post disappears from your front page at the mere chance that Mr. B decides to go a clickin' and sees this. He was very happy with is 40 inch for about 3 weeks, but the other boys have bigger ones and it makes him jealous. Men and their rulers...

Freckles Chick said...

OK, so I've been the one trying to convince Mr. FC that we NEED a TV like yours. What's wrong with this picture?! He seems totally fine w/ our tiny archaic TV with the huge junk in the trunk.