Tuesday, September 16, 2008

My Moody Room Moodboard

The dressing room is my little safe haven...free from football or xbox or crusty armpitted shirts. I do have a terrible towel or two in there (go steelers!) but for the most part, it is my escape from the boy. Don't worry - he has a work room, and did I mention cable?!?! Anyway.

I have ALWAYS had a large collection of clothing. (please note that most do not fit right now - more about that later) but ever since I was a tween, I had the innate ability to collect and store ridiculous amounts of apparel. Women are gatherers right? And boy, did I gather.

So, when we bought this big beautiful house - with four bedrooms and a basement screaming for remodeling, Jeremy gave me a precious gift. He got the walk in closet and I got a bedroom...to store clothes. My good friend, Julia appointed it "the dressing room".

This dressing room has seen its share of ups and downs. When we first moved in, Jeremy literally took everything I owned from my parents house and shoved it into this room. If something got caught in the way, it was packed in there too. After we organized it, I felt like I had a whole new wardrobe. That was an excellent day.

So now, I am at a crossroads. I want this to be a dressing room...but I also want to be able to lounge and read and house an occasional overnight guest in there as well. And sure, we have a guest bedroom...and not so many guests. But when it rains, it pours. And on top of all that - I need a moody room. A place to just let my attitude get some breathing room. A place where I can be cranky. A place where I can play dress up. And a place where Jer can't see me slipping my "hottie dress" on over my uber-restrictive beige colored undergarments. I think it would help our marriage (not that you have anything to worry about - just helping keep the romance alive, people!)

First thing I need is a plan.

  • I need to get rid of pare down on the clothing and shoes that doesn't fit.

  • I need to only buy stuff that is ON the moodboard or substitute for a moodboard item.

  • I need to toss old, stained, or ugly clothing.

  • I need to stick to the plan.

Here is my plan for the room -

1 - Mark this sucker off the list - I already have the drapes. Curtesy of Ikea.

2 - Ikea is my go to store - and since the wardrobers are the only thing in the moodroom...we could totally feel at ease getting a matching chest. I still have to do a bit of measuring but this 6-drawer version could probably fit in somewhere...and provide a bit more storage.

3 - I love Etsy. And I think this hand felted alpaca pillow is fantastic. It is handmade by a little shop called FeltedStyle's and I love it. Don't love the price. But love the pillow.

4 - The overlapping squares daybed is just square enough to be hip. I love this bed - I will take it in white please or brown will do - but either way - please be mine! It looks like a lounger and functions like a bed. Wowee! And I am committed to this thing...I already bought the bolsters. Now I just need the bed, matress and mattress cover.

5 - Ikea again. I put this fabulous flower photo in but there are numerous options - like this one and this one and this one and this one and these. All fabulous.

6 - WAHOO - WHAT?! WHAT??! WOO WOO! celebrate with me! this fab light is already mine!! shake your toosh - watch yourself!

7 - This antique bronze pendant table lamp makes me smile. Its like the Shirley Temple of lamps with an adorable price tag as well.

8 - The laundry room is downstairs. Most of the laundry is upstairs and on the floor. We don't have hampers. That is why this cute laundry bag with stand from Ikea made the cut. I could fit three of them in Jeremy's closet and maybe even one in mine? And the case of the dirty towels is solved.

9 - I got Pax wardrobes from Ikea - and I can not wait to buy the fabulous doors. Only problem with that is the price - they are a pretty penny - $110 for one door plus the cost of knobs or handles.

10 - This pale pink is already painted - but I probably could touch it up. It is the only room in the house that is pink and will stay that way. It helps the mood.

Ok - so while I am dreaming about that West Elm daybed, tell me the dish on where you go to get your funk out...your moodroom...your escape from it all. Is it the bathtub with the door locked...cause that is my runner up...ok, spill it...


Christi said...

you crack me up! i so wish we lived closer! i love the room. you need a full length mirror in there! would that dresser fit under your window? oh and what about adding some bamboo like roll up window coverings (you know the ones from ikea) to pair with those drapes and add privacy, or maybe even a white one? if you don't get the west elm day bed, look at the ikea TROMSNES or MELDAL (paint the MELDAL white). i think the iron would be so classy in your chic dressing room. plus, your bolsters will fit! keep your eye on targets throw pillows. mine has some velvet ones in right now that are really similar to the one you posted.

Dusty @AllThingsG+D said...

Oooh, I would *love* to have my own dressing room! You lucky duck!! Your ideas look great--I love the WE daybed!

Mrs. 5C said...

I love the room! It's PERFECT! I too, actually thought of a pillow I've seen at target when I saw your dream pillow. I even quickly flipped through target.com for it, but didn't come up with anything.
I really like the daybed idea. I DREAM of having a room like this. Every girl needs somewhere to escape! (I escape to TJ Maxx... but having a room in the HOUSE would be even more convenient!) ;)

Kim @ NewlyWoodwards said...

I went through a similar purge for my clothes in our house - got rid of everything that didn't fit or I didn't wear.... and I literally took 342 shirts to Goodwill. Talk about gathering.

Love the moodboard. I love our guest room/my dressing room too and I like to hang out there and read on the bed sometime.

Good luck!

Freckles Chick said...

We all need a glamorous dressing room like that! If not to dress in, then to sip our lovely potent cocktails in, dahling. Love the design you put together. Hurry up, b/c I'm giddy with excitement!

Katie said...

You gals were right about Target being the happening place for cute pillows - what selection! what great prices!

Oh and Mrs Rauth - you are dead on about the TROMSNES bed - it is right up my alley. If I can't find the West Elm daybed, I am definitely heading to IKEA.

I can't wait to finish the room - it's gonna look so good, I bet Jeremy will even want to hang out in there! :)

XO, Katie